How to you water the iPhone speakers? This Shortcut Can Get Rid of It

How to you water the iPhone speakers? This Shortcut Can Get Rid of It

Remember when water and iPhone couldn’t mix? Swimming pools, tubs and toilets will suck in a functioning iPhone from careless and careless owners and pull out expensive ballast paper as if it’s nothing. However, times have changed, and the latest iPhone can swim without fear of death. But swimming in the water now can still cause music and audio to be muffled from the speakers.

Enter a shortcut. Introduced on iOS 12, shortcuts allow developers and general users alike to put together simple and complicated tasks for iPhone to process. The best part? Shortcuts can be uploaded to the internet and shared with anyone with an iPhone running iOS 12 with the Shortcut application installed. And there happens to be a good way to get water out of the iPhone speaker.

To be clear, not all the latest iPhones are made the same. While the iPhone XS and XS Max are waterproof IP68, the iPhone X, XR, 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus are all IP67. While the latter is still preferred over old iPhone models in terms of water protection, it is certainly not the same as water resistance. In fact, IP68 is not technically “waterproof”, only more protected from IP67. Because of this, we strongly encourage users to intentionally dip their iPhone in water, because water damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty.
What’s the Shortcut?

While there is a possibility that there is more than one shortcut to overcome this problem, one that seems to have caught the attention of the internet was created by Josh0678. This shortcut is very similar to the water release device on Apple Watches, playing a very civilized tone for about ten seconds, shaking the water both from the speaker and from outside the device.

1. Install Shortcuts

To download a shortcut, open the following link on your iPhone, which will open the Shortcut application with the details of the shortcut displayed. Tap “Get Shortcut,” then open the “Library” tab where you will see “Water Eject” warmly welcomed at the bottom of the list.


2. Get Faster Access to Shortcuts (Optional)

One of the best parts about shortcuts is that you can get quick access to them from various places. For example, you can access these shortcuts from the Shortcuts application, from the Shortcuts widget, using Hey Siri, or from the home screen icon. The first option is quite clear, and I’m sure you already know how to add the Shortcuts widget to your Today View for easy access from the lock screen.

As for Hey Siri, you want to force press (on a 3D Touch device) or tap the ellipsis (•••) on the “Water Eject” shortcut on the “Library” tab on Shortcuts. Then, tap on the “Settings” icon, and select “Add to Siri.” Next, tap the red record button and say your Siri phrase or tap “Type Phrases” and type if you enable Type to Siri. Press “Finish” three times to return to the “Library” tab.


To add a home screen shortcut to Eject Water, return to the Shortcut settings page, but select “Add to Home Screen” this time. This will give you easy access to setting the home screen icon, just like when you create a home screen icon for a web page in Safari.


3. Remove Water from your iPhone

Now all that’s left to do is use your new shortcut. Tap “Water Eject” from the “Library” view in Shortcuts, then tap “Begin Water Ejection” at the prompt. To bring up the “Start Spending Water” prompt, you can also tap “Water Eject” on the widget, use Hey Siri with the Siri phrase of your choice, or tap the home screen icon if you create it.

After the water ejection begins, you will hear a sharp pop, followed quickly by a bassy tone. If you really have water stuck in your speakers, you will see it start to leak or spurt out from the bottom of your iPhone. We recommend holding your iPhone at a slight angle, with your speakers facing closer to the floor, because this can help force water out of your speakers better.


What should you expect from your iPhone speaker? See the slo-mo GIF below for an example of how well these shortcuts work.

As you can see, the shortcut does a pretty good job of removing water from your iPhone speaker. However, it is definitely not perfect and will leave some residue in the speaker after the tone has finished playing. Although you can continue to use shortcuts until you feel all the water is running out, we don’t recommend you do it – the tone seems to be rather intense, and there is no way to know whether prolonged use is bad for your iPhone’s loudspeakers or not.

Our suggestion? Use only if necessary, then apply the remainder with a towel and wait for it to dry. If your iPhone is IP68 resistant or even IP67, it should be able to protect itself with a little time.

This shortcut is not the only way to get water out of your iPhone speaker. If you prefer to look for solutions found in the App Store, see the Sonic application. It adopts a strategy similar to “Eject Water,” but unlike shortcuts, it passes Apple’s strict standards for the iOS market.

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