How to There is a Quick Move to Open Hidden Camera Settings on your iPhone

How to There is a Quick Move to Open Hidden Camera Settings on your iPhone

The cameras on the models in the iPhone 11 series include ultra wide lenses for taking wider pictures, Night mode for taking photos that look better in low-light environments, and a 16: 9 frame for shooting. With these new features the interface is slightly redesigned in the Camera application, which is even accepted by the second generation iPhone SE even though it only has one of these three features.

In the updated Camera application, which is only available on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and iPhone SE (2nd Generation) on iOS 13 (but on older iPhone models on iOS 14 … more about that later), you might notice some of the lost shooting settings that older iPhone models have, such as a timer filter and HDR options. The “Square” mode for photos has also been removed from its place since iOS 7.

Flash and Live Photos settings are still on the toolbar, like on older iPhone models running iOS 13 and below, and for other settings, they’re just hiding.


IPhone X running iOS 12 (left) vs. iPhone 11 Pro on iOS 13 (right).

On iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max running iOS 13 or higher, the Night mode setting only appears in the toolbar in low light situations. HDR for iPhone 11 and newer only appears if “Smart HDR” is disabled in Settings -> Camera. So what about the others?

To find other options that are missing, tap the chevron icon in the toolbar or, in the viewfinder, slide it away from the shutter button. The mode selector bar near the shutter will change to a second hidden toolbar. While the Night mode option only appears here when in low light (not including the iPhone SE 2020), you will find a timer and filter, as well as a 4: 3 button that allows you to choose between “Square” or “16: 9 shooting mode”.

The second toolbar also gives you other ways to access the flash settings, Live Photos switch, and HDR, if you disable “Smart HDR”. To close the toolbar, swipe down or tap the chevron upside down.


Loosen the toolbar on the iPhone 11 running iOS 13.

On the iPhone XR and earlier, running iOS 13 and below, there is a swipe-away-from-shutter gesture, but all of that gives you quick access to choose filters. So, this is basically like tapping on the filter button, just swiping it. To exit, slide back to the shutter button.


Show filters on iPhone X running iOS 13.

On iOS 14, a new Camera interface appears on more iPhone models. Specifically, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR get it. Plus, there are new settings in the hidden toolbar that can be accessed by all iPhone models with the updated Camera application – exposure compensation value – even though it has not yet appeared on all supported models.


Loosen the toolbar on the iPhone XR running iOS 14.

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