How to Organize Group Photos in Messages on an iPhone

How to Organize Group Photos in Messages on an iPhone

It’s time to take out embarrassing photos from your friends who have saved and make them the group chat icon on iMessages!

We have all been a part of many group chats lately, and especially now they are an important part of staying connected. But many of our groups mostly involve the same subset of people from other groups and it is very important to track our group to avoid embarrassment or jumble. You know what I’m talking about. “Oh, sorry, wrong group!”

Most of our group chat tracks are photos associated with it. We are more responsive to visuals and images than text. Most messaging platforms offer features. Finally, Apple has also decided to go along with bringing support to organize photos to our group chats on Messages on iOS 14. Remember that that won’t work on iOS 14 predecessors

To organize or change group photos, open the Messages application on your iPhone and open group chats from the conversation thread. Now, tap the area with the group name and group participant’s avatar in the chat.


Some options will be expanded under the group name. Tap the ‘i’ icon (info).


You will see an ‘Change Name and Photo’ option on the Details screen. Knock it.


The editing screen will open. You can arrange photos from your gallery, take new photos, arrange text, or use emojis or animojis as group icons. This will display some of your recent emojis and animojis used as suggestions, but you can add more.

Tap the option that you want to set to select it and finally, tap ‘Finish’ to save the changes, then tap ‘Finish’ again.


A group icon will appear with the group participant’s avatar floating around it on the chat screen. Talk about aesthetics! Only the icon that you choose will appear in the conversation thread list.


It’s about time Apple decided to bring a feature to arrange group photos to Messaging. Not only are they very practical, but they also help provide a personal touch to the chat making it more enjoyable for everyone. And isn’t life all about small things?

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