How to Launch Shortcuts Automatically When You Open an Apps on an iPhone or iPad

How to Launch Shortcuts Automatically When You Open an Apps on an iPhone or iPad

Shortcuts, the default automation application on iPhone and iPad, get new automation features on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Now, you can automatically launch shortcuts every time you open an application. Here’s how to set it.

You can use the new Automation section in Shortcuts to trigger automation in a variety of ways, from Near Field Communication “NFC” to location.

In this guide, we will focus on automating application launches. This feature can be useful in a number of different ways. You can set a shortcut to automatically use the Do Not Disturb mode when you open your favorite game or start playing music when you open the Music application. There is a lot you can do here.

Let’s learn to use the Do not Disturb mode example. (You can also create shortcuts to directly open the Settings page.)

Open the “Shortcut” application that is pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad, and open the “Automation” tab. Use Spotlight Search if you cannot find the application on your Apple device.


If this is your first time creating automation, tap the “Create Private Automation” icon, or select the Plus (+) icon at the top of the window to go to the same screen.


From the automation list, scroll down and tap the “Open Application” option.


Now, tap the “Select” button next to the “Application” option.


Here, find and select the application you want to use. Then, tap the “Finish” button.


From the next screen, tap the “Next” button.


Now it’s time to add action. In this example, we will add a Do Not Disturb toggle mode, but you can search and add whatever actions you like. Tap the “Add Action” button to get started.


You can browse all available actions, or you can look for the “Set Do Not Disturb” option. After you find an item, tap to select it.


The action will be added to your shortcut. Tap the “Off” button to configure the Do Not Disturb action.


Now, select the “Next” button from the top right corner.


Your automation is ready. Tap the switch next to “Ask Before Running” to make it a real automation (or you will only see a notification from which you can activate the shortcut).


To confirm, tap the “Don’t Ask” button.


Finally, tap the “Finish” button to save and activate the automation.


When you open the application that you previously selected in the setup process, you will receive a notification saying that the Shortcuts application is running your automation.


New to Shortcuts? Here’s how to use the Shortcut application on your iPhone.

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