How to copy iPhone contacts to PC

How to copy iPhone contacts to PC

Need to transfer iPhone contacts to a PC for backup or import them into Gmail or Outlook? Here’s how to do it for free, without iTunes.

The iPhone and iPad work independently today, not requiring a PC or iTunes to perform tasks such as OS updates (remember those days?) and content management. They can automatically back up to iCloud and you can buy apps, games, music, movies, books and more on the iDevice itself.

However, if you need to copy all your contacts from iPhone to your PC, there are several options available. We will explain the simplest of the collection, which does not involve installing any software and will not cost you money: iCloud.

In fact, this is a similar process for transferring photos from iPhone to PC.

Of course, you can use iTunes, or a number of third party applications that can copy things from your iPhone to your PC.

How do I activate iCloud?

First, you must activate iCloud on your iPhone, or just double check that your contacts have been synced with iCloud.

To do this, open the Settings application and tap your name directly above. If you are running an older version of iOS, you must scroll down or look for settings for iCloud.


Assuming you have the latest version of iOS, after tapping your name, you will see iCloud about half the screen. Tap, then in the ‘Application using iCloud’ section, check whether the switch next to Contacts is activated.

It should be pointed out that you don’t need to enable iCloud backup for contacts to be synchronized.

How do I get iPhone contacts on a PC?

Next, open a web browser on your PC. Open and sign in with your Apple ID. You may be asked to enter a verification code (which you will get from the iPhone) if two-factor authentication is enabled in your account.

If so, tap Allow at the prompt on your iPhone, then enter the code displayed and choose to ‘Trust this browser’.

You will see all available iCloud applications, with the second contact from the left. Click on it and you will see all the contacts stored on your iPhone.


This might be what you need, but if you want to copy the contact to another application or service, all of them need to export it.

To export an iCloud contact, first click on the contact in the list. Then press Ctrl-A to select all contacts (it will look like the screen above).

Now click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select Export vCard …


This brings up a window where you can choose the application to open the file (like Outlook) or you can save the file on your hard drive.

If you want to import contacts into Outlook, select the first option. If other services or applications are not registered to choose to save the file.


How to import iPhone contacts into Gmail

Open the application or webmail (like Gmail) where you want to copy contacts and look for import options.

If it’s Gmail, it’s a bit hard to find contacts in the web version. You need to click the nine dot icon on the top right to display Google Apps, then click Contacts. The site opens in a new tab, and you then need to expand the ‘More’ section to find the Import options.


Now select the CSV or Vcard file option, browse to the file that you just downloaded from iCloud and your contacts will be added to Gmail.


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