How to Charge Apple Watch

How to Charge Apple Watch

Like any device, you need to charge your Apple Watch regularly. Here’s how to charge it and tips for maximizing battery life.

The Apple Watch is a great companion for any iPhone user and it keeps adding more and more features with each new hardware and software refresh.

But like any modern electronic device, you have to keep the Apple Watch battery charged in order to use the wearable device. Let’s take a look at how to charge Apple Watch, along with other charging tips.

How do you charge the Apple Watch?

Whenever you want to charge your Apple Watch, you can use the included charger provided by Apple.

First, make sure the USB charging cable is plugged into a power source — either the free USB port or the included wall charger. You will then remove the Watch from your wrist and place the charging disc on the back of the device.


The magnets on the disc and watch should align gently. You will hear a short chirp sound and a green lightning symbol will appear on the Watch face to confirm charging is in progress.

You obviously won’t be able to wear the Watch while it’s charging, but the device is still fully operational. The lightning icon will remain on the screen to indicate that it is charging properly.

Wireless charging on the Apple Watch is easy to use and is one of its best features. If you don’t like these default settings, you can also choose from a wide variety of third-party charging cables and cradles. These will all power up the Clock so it’s ready to use in the morning.

How to Check Your Apple Watch Battery Percentage

According to Apple, the Watch battery on GPS and GPS + Cellular models is designed for up to 18 hours of regular use before it needs to be charged. The forecast includes a mix of activities such as sports, music playback and more.

The quickest way to check the remaining battery life on your Apple Watch is to swipe up from anywhere on the screen to view Control Center.

On many watch faces, you can add a complication to see how much battery life remains. For inspiration, check out some special Apple Watch faces.


When the battery is completely discharged, a red lightning bolt will appear on the screen, indicating that it is time to attach the Watch to the charger.

Want to know how long it takes to charge Apple Watch? You can charge a completely discharged Clock to 80 percent capacity in about 90 minutes. It will be 100 percent charging within the two hour mark.

Use Power Reserve on Apple Watch

There may be times when your Apple Watch battery gets low. In this case, the Power Reserve feature can help keep the device running longer and only focus on the most important part — time.

While in Power Reserve, press the Side Button to see the time. All other features are disabled; Your watch will not communicate with your iPhone at all.

Whenever the Apple Watch battery drops below 10 percent, a dialog box will allow you to enable the feature. It can also automatically activate if the battery life is too low to show the display or power other features.


You can also activate Power Reserve at any time. Open Control Center and tap on the battery percentage. Under the battery percentage, slide the Power Reserve switch from right to left. You must then select Continue.

You can disable Power Reserve at any time as long as the battery life is sufficient. To do that, press and hold the Side Button until the Apple logo appears. You then have to wait for the Apple Watch to restart.

How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life

If you want to extend the battery life of your Apple Watch, there are steps you can take to spend two whole days between charges.

To get started, make sure your Apple Watch has the latest software. You can check this by going to Settings> General> Software Update on the Watch.

Another important aspect to check is the brightness of your screen. The brighter the screen, the faster the battery will drain. To change this, go to Settings> Display & Brightness on your watch.


There are two other settings that can help you make better use of your watch screen and save battery power. Go to Settings> Wake Screen. If you notice that the Watch display turns on too often when you raise your wrist, turn off Wake Up While Lifting Wrist.

You can still move the Digital Crown or tap the screen to see the watch face. Further down in the same menu, in the On Tap section, make sure Wake for 15 Seconds is selected. That’s the minimum time the Apple Watch screen stays on after the screen is active.

Starting with the Series 5 Watch, the always-on display shows a low-power version of your face after sleeping. While this is a great feature, you can turn it off for additional power saving possibilities. You can do this by selecting Settings> Display & Brightness> Always On. On the next screen, toggle off the Always On button.

What if your Apple Watch doesn’t charge?

There’s no need to worry if your Apple Watch won’t charge. There are steps you can take to solve this problem.

First, try connecting the charging cable to a free USB port or another wall charger. If that doesn’t work, try an extra cable, if you have one.

Make sure you keep plastic material away from the charging disc. Also, make sure the back of your Apple Watch and charger is completely clean.


If you still have trouble charging, you can force restart your watch by pressing the Side Button and Digital Crown simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Wait for the Apple logo to appear and the Watch restarts, then try charging again.

Just to note, if your Apple Watch battery is completely drained, you may need to wait a few minutes before green lightning appears on the screen.

Keeps Your Apple Watch Charged and Ready to Use

With just a little work, you can recharge your Apple Watch’s battery and be ready to use in no time, so you can get the most out of your wearable device.

If you’re a new Watch user, also make sure to check out some Apple Watch tips you might not know about.

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